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Pokemon Ash Gray
"The Anime Experience"

NOTE: This is a hack of Pokemon FireRed.

"You are a boy from Pallet Town! Now that you're 10 you can get your Pokemon licence. Ten year olds can get a beginner POKEMON from Professor oak, the town's Pokemon expert. This is just the beginning of your amazing adventures! Your journey's destined to be packed with nostop action, millions of laughs, heartpounding perils, and endless excitement! You'll encounter fantastic friends evil enemies and meet creatures beyond your wildest imagination! And as your story unfolds you'll unlock the magic and mystery of the world POKEMON!" The rest of the intro was exactly the same as in regular FireRed and LeafGreen." I named my character RED and my rival GARY. "RED! Your very own Pokemon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokemon awaits! Let's go!" The game began, and I found myself in the exact same tile where FireRed and LeafGreen began. Just like in the anime, I changed into my PJs and went to sleep. Then the game showed a cutscene that wondered what my player would choose. "Raising Bulbasaur... that'd be really simple. It's great for beginners. And then there's Squirtle. Choose it or lose it! Oh, hold on ... CHARMANDER! Those in the know say that's the best way to go. RED checked the Pokelarm clock. RED: I'M LATE!" My character's mother asked him if he woke up late. Then I was about to go into Oak's lab when suddenly GARY OAK showed up and said, "Hey, watch where you're going! Oh, you must be RED! Better late than never, I guess! Well, RED, you snooze you lose! And you're way behind right from the start! I got a Pokemon and you didn't! I got the best one! It pays to have a grandfather in the POKEMON business. Now I, GARY OAK, am off to learn the ways of a Pokemon Trainer! See ya later!" I entered the house and went to the back door but there was nothing intresting in it. Oak said this: "So, RED! You decided to show up after all! You want a POKEMON, eh? From the looks of it you aren't ready for it. You say you're ready? All right then, as you wish ..." My character then said, "I wish I hadn't overslept, but now I will choose as my Pokemon Bulbasaur!" The ball opened but nothing came out. "That one was taken by a kid who wasn't late." "Well that's no problem, because my Pokemon will be CHARAMNDER!" "The early bird gets the worm, in this case the Pokemon." "I've thought about it a lot and it took me a long time, but I finally decided to choose SQUIRTLE!" "Squirtle's already been taken by someone who was on time..." Now I have no Pokemon to choose from, so I hoped I wouldn't send out "??????????", a glitched pokemon with 0 in all stats. If it gets hit the player blacks out. Anyway, Oak said that all the starters were given away. He said there was a problem with this last one. Its name is Pikachu. Will I try to train this electric mouse type? OH YEAH BABY! Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon of all time, and I'm SO HAPPY I get to start with one! I kept reloading until I got a modest nature Pikachu, the best one to have. There was more dialogue between Oak followed by my character's mother before I got running shoes and fame checker. When I got to Route One, the game said, "Wild Pidgey appeared! Red: Go PIKACHU! ...??? Pikachu ran up in a tree and refused to battle!" Just like in the anime! I talked to Pikachu and it said this: "Pikachuuu! >:(" Is that supposed to be an emotion? So my Pikachu hates me at first just like in the anime! "A wild Spearow appeared and attacked Pikachu!" I hit A and the game sent me to the battle screen against a Level 5 Spearow. "Pikachu turned away! Pikachu won't obey! Pikachu ignored orders! Pikachu pretended not to notice!" Eventually my Pikachu actually decided to attack the Spearow. I got it again and "The Spearow is furious that it was defeated!" Many Spearow showed up so Red grabbed Pikachu and made a run for it! So I ran to the north and jumped into the water, then met this girl with red hair. "Hey kid, I'm trying to fish! Oh is that a Pokemon? Is it hurt? You need to get your PIKACHU to a Pokemon Center right away!" I realized this was Misty, a "Fan Favorite" character in the anime. Then it started raining as my character got on a bike and the final area music played. "The Spearow won't let you pass! Red sent Pikachu to its Pokeball to protect it." Red said this EPIC LINE: "SPEAROWS! Do you know who I am! I'm RED from the town of Pallet! I'm destined to be the world's number one Pokemon Master! I can't be defeated by the likes of you! I'm gonna capture and defeat you all! You hear me? COME AND GET MEEEEEEEE!!!" "Pikachu appeared from its POKEBALL! Its electric power was charged by a stray bolt of lightning. Pikachu used Thundershock on the attacking Spearow!" I then saw a white flash as a red phoenix flew by. Then my bike vanished for no reason. Viridan City was the first city in the game, and a sign read, "Attention citizens of Viridian City! We have reports of possible Pokemon thieves in our area. Be on the lookout for suspicious looking strangers!" Okay then. There was a blue woman who looked like an imperious guard. So I went back to Route 1 and I ran into Non-Kanto pokemon like Manectric, Breloom, and Heracross. I only had five Pokeballs at this point in the game so I didn't want to waste them early. After healing my Pikachu at the Pokecenter I got to hear this SUPER EPIC line from Team Rocket (which consisted of a red-headed female and a blue haired male). "Don't be frightened, little boy! Allow us to introduce ourselves! To protect the world fro devastation! To unite all people within our nation! To denouce the evils of truth and love! To extend our reach to the stars above! JESSIE! JAMES! TEAM ROCKET blast off at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepeare to fight! We're hear to steal the CENTER's Pokemon. Just try to stop us!" They had a Ekans and a Koffing. "What? No! TEAM ROCKET IS BLASTING OFF!!!" Hahahahaha. Yeah right you are. Then I noticed Pokeballs cost me half the money it usually did. I bought fifteen Poke balls and spend the rest of my money on Antitodes and Potions. I decided to NOT be like the anime and search for a Pokemon that could take on the Bugs that awaited me in Viridian Forest. I settled on the Hoenn starters until I got the Kanto starters. Team Rocket showed up again in the forest and tried to take my Pikachu again, then a Bug Catcher who was actually a Samurai then challenged me to a battle. He had a Level 10 Pinsir and I had a Level 11 Blaziken (because only Kanto Pokemon can evolve in this game). I kept grinding until I was Level 16 and ready to fight Brock, the first gym leader. "Who goes there? My name's Brock. I am the leader of this GYM. This is your first GYM BATTLE? And that Pikachu's your Pokemon? Your Pikachu is in its cutest stage. It can't win! As Gym Leader I have to accept every challenge, so let's get this over with!" The guy had a Level 14 Onix. You can actually hit Ground types with Electric moves in this hack, but it won't be very effective. My Swampert had to come in to finish the job my Pikachu couldn't. He says "Stop! This has gone enough!" and I was confused. Flint told me to come with him and I did. "Everyone loses sometimes. You can't let that get you down. Brock is very good. His talents could take him much further than just being a Gym Leader. But he has nine little brothers and sisters to take care of, so he could never leave town for REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. His father left to become a trainer and they never heard from them again. His mother tried to hold things together, but she somehow passed away. He's the only one his kids have left." But I didn't lose! What is this madness? I... hate losing. Anyway he gave me the Light Ball and I equipped it onto Pikachu. Brock challenged me with a Level 12 Geodude. After defeating him it began to rain, and his siblings came to watch the fight. I kicked his Level 14 Onix's rear and left for Route 3. After going through it I found a guy under attack by a Level 7 Zubat. He told me to protect Clefairy and the MOON STONE. Suddenly inside Mt. Moon Team Rocket showed up. "Prepare for trouble, twerp! We want the Moon Stone to power up our Pokemon! Ready or not..." Then all the Clefairies gathered Team Rocket and caused a HUGE EXPOLSION! I knew from watching another person's playthrough of this hack that Pikachu considers Misty as a best friend and doesn't want to battle her. I know of one player that LOST just because Pikachu refused to battle Misty, and I was truely prepared for this! I put Blaziken in the PC as well because I knew he would be useless against Misty, then raised Electrabuzz and Sceptile. I invaded the gym and Daisy said something about the Underwater Ballet that I didn't care about. Now they can keep the gym running and continue putting on performances for their adoring fans! So I talked to Daisy again. "Huh? You're looking for the GYM LEADER? We're the GYM LEADERS here. But we don't feel much like battling anymore. We just got beaten three times in a row by kids from this nowhere place called Pallet Town. We had to practially rush all of our POKEMON to the POKEMON CENTER. All we have left to battle with is a GOLDEEN. So there is no point in battling. I know what you want..." Seel had the badge I needed and the game prompted me to take the badge. To quote Fluttershy from Dragon Quest... "I. SAID. NO!" Then... "Hold it right there! All right, Daisy! If you don't want to battle him, I will! I'm  a CERULEAN CITY TRAINER, too! I'm the fourth SENSATIONAL SISTER!" The other sisters argued with her for a bit and then control returned to my player. Without Pikachu in my party, the game didn't play the script that tells you to put Pikachu in your PC box. Misty then said "I wasn't planning on battling you until you paid me back for my bike, RED, but this is as good a time as any! If you want that CASCADEBADGE you're going to have to beat me!" Like in the actual FireRed and LeafGreen, her name didn't appear on the screen until the battle started. She had a Level 17 Staryu and a Level 19 Starmie. Sceptile made quick and easy work of them. Hahahaha. Easy peasy one two three! "Sorry to break in on you, ladies! Now we're going to use this vacuum and hose we stole to suck up your Pokemon!" "Red, quick! Let me heal your Pokemon so you can batttle Team Rocket! I got to heal and access the PC. They challenged me with an Ekans and a Koffing, both Level 17. I kicked their ***es. I decided to get myself an Abra because it evolves into one of the best Pokemon in the game, and got myself one with a Mild nature. Not bad... raises his highest stat and lowers his lowest stat. My Abra, for some reason, decided "Hey! Let's evolve five levels before I'm supposed to!" and then Kadabra evolved the next level! One of the trainers on the next route had a LEVEL 14 WIGGLYTUFF. Why would you use a moon stone on Jigglypuff THAT early? Anyway... "Okay, JOE, then what's this POKEMON called?" "I don't know... is it a ZUBAT?" "You'll have to do better than that!" I then fought some guys from POKEMON TECH. Alakazam helped me out here a LOT. I then found myself in a Hidden Village and saw an Oddish chasing Bulbasaur, then read a sign that said, "Please do not capture any POKEMON you find here." A lady named Melienie kept talking about the traps I didn't fall into and stuff like that. Then I had to battle a Level 10 BULBASAUR who had an everstone. I found Route 6 but it had nothing on it except for a Charmander and a tree stump. I talked to a guy who said, "Are you a Trainer? I had a Charmander but it was so weak it couldn't even beat the weakest opponent. I left it on a rock so it'd stop following me! I said I'd be back for it. It's so stupid that it's still there waiting for me." I remebered watching this episode on VHS and I thought it was epic! I went outside of the PokeCenter and it was RAINING. So I went to Charmander and took it to the Pokemon Center. Then Damon challenged me. He had a Level 16 Machop, a Level 16 Drowzee, and a Level 16 Rhydon. After beating him I went to the right and found myself surrounded by Squirtles who wore Sunglasses. Another one of my favorite episodes! These guys ran wild in a small town in Kanto stealing things, writing graffiti and causing trouble for travelers in the area. "This Squirtle appears to be the gang leader! It's staring intensely into your eyes as if it wants to battle!" Then I heard Hoenn Gym Battle Music and the screen went black. "Hold it right there!" But wait... how did the hacker put in RUBY music in FireRed? In fact they put the WHOLE SONG in. "Are you all right? Have you been hurt here? That GANG calls itself the SQURITLE SQUAD!" I went for a fish in the lake and a Squirtle popped out then told me he was ready to battle. I yelled "GO PIKACHU" and sent him out. NO BATTLE SCREEN. He was just captured by the Squirtle quickly and easily. After saving the Pikachu I went to the Lighthouse and found out that Bill was in a Kabuto outfit and couldn't get out. I hit a button and he got out of it. I learned that the planet was created 4.6 BILLION years ago! I saw a picture of Dragonite, and for some reason the game added that to the "seen" list. So I decided to go grinding. Sometime during then, I swear a Moon Stone fell from the sky and landed on Jigglypuff's head, forcing an evolution cutscene. So anyway after I was done grinding, I invaded the gym, beat two Trainers, and then took on Lt. Surge. He had a Level 25 Raichu. Hahahaha. Easy peasy one two three! I went onboard the SS Anne and got a Magikarp from the guy who was selling one. Why? It evolves into one of the best Pokemon in the game at Level 20. A guy on board asked me if I wanted a to trade his Raticate for my Butterfree. I said "nope.avi" because I didn't have one. Then I saw a blue haired dude take a Magikarp from the guy. Downstairs I saw four men in black and realized they were ROCKETS. Team Rocket themselves showed up again. As usual, they had a Level 25 Ekans and a Level 25 Koffing. "What's that?" Could the ST. ANNE be in trouble? THE SHIP CAPSIZED! UH OH! I swam outside and then ran away from a Gyarados encounter, then the game said my PokeBalls were missing! So I found them and the game threw me into Porta Vista, where I saw GARY OAK. However, he did nothing and went to the North. "Oh no! Those darned Tentacool are back! They have been causing trouble for the hotel project trying to demolish it!" WILD TENTACRUEL APPEARED! KOMBAT TIME! I couldn't catch it due to the game using the same script as the Marowak at the Lavander Tower. Anyway, I was then taken to Maiden's Peak where a guy was offering to sell me some scarfs that do nothing. At Saffron City, I just so happened to be the 1,000,000th visitor! The only trip you've won is a trip through the warp tile! So I invaded the gym and challenged Sabrina. She had a Level 35 Abra but then she turned me into a doll for no reason and I was told to get a GHOST POKEMON. But do you realize that Haunter is weak against Psychic attacks? So I went to Lavender Town, which has the creepest music in the game. I heard blood curtering screams as I approached the tower, and it actually sounded like LUGIA. Haunter then pulled my spirit from my body! Haunter actually wanted somebody to play with, so he joined my side but then Team Rocket attacked me again. They had a Level 28 Ekans and a Level 28 Koffing. ALAKAZAM sweeps again! I showed Haunter to her but it was nowhere to be found... so I was really scared because I feared I would white out. She had a Level 35 Kadabra. Easy peasy one two three! Haunter's antics are actually making Sabriina laugh. Then I lost Haunter. DOH. I really wanted a Gengar. Then I found a tasty donut and gave it to a Mankey. The game asked me if I wanted try to catch it. "I. SAID. NO!" Hahahaha. Not falling for that bullshit. I found Erika in a store and she said "P for Pretty! E for elegant! R for Radiant! F for Fun! U for Urbane! M for mysterious. E for energy! And that spells Perfume! Mwahahahaha. Team Rocket actually helped me for some reason by changing me into a girl. One guy in a department store was selling EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE Key items all at $1,000,000. So anyway I went into Erika's Gym and challenged her. She said I was that boy who hates perfume. She had a Level 32 Tangela, a Level 30 Weepinbell, and a Level 35 Gloom. Get this. GLOOM HAD SPORE. I thought only Paras and Shroomish could get it! "Thrilling! But what's that smell! Your Pokemon skills are stinking up this Gym even worse than Gloom! Thanks for helping us sneak into the GYM so we could steal this SECRET PERFUME FORMULA! Team Rocket, how could you?" "The whole GYM is an inferno!" I grabbed her Gloom and got out of there as quick as I could. All the trees were gone. As I went to the left a wild Hitmonchan showed up. I wanted to catch it but the game didn't let me. GOD DAMN IT! This Hitmonchan is gonna compete in the P1 Grand Prix, a special Pokemon battle tournament run by Silph Co. held especially for Fighting-type Pokémon in Celadon City. Each Pokémon Trainer who enters chooses only one Pokémon and engages in a series of one on one battles. The prize is a golden championship belt. I decided to enter it with my Primeape. I had to face a Machop, Machoke, Machamp, Hitmonlee, and Hitmonchan. I defeated ALL of them without using X items OR whiting out. Then I looked at Box 3 in my PC and it showed three BAD EGGS in there. Anyway I invaded the power plant and fought a Muk. Then I went down to Diglett's cave and saw the same hot springs that Ash and company tried to relax in "Dig Those Diglett!" This is also one of several scenes in the anime where you see Misty in that AWESOME small red outfit. Team Rocket showed up YET AGAIN with a Level 30 Weezing and a Level 30 Arbok. Evolving your Poisons won't make a difference. Three words: "ALAKAZAM used Psychic!" Hahahaha. Easy peasy one two three! I then entered a race with a Ponyta because someone was suffering from a broken arm for whatever reason. I was so happy to hear the CHAMPIONSHIP BATTLE music so I won it. I found a Safari Zone in Fuschia and invaded it. Team Rocket was there, but only after I failed three times. They had (you guessed it!) Weezing and Arbok. Alakazam PWNED all of them with Psychic. Then I decided to fight Koga. He had a Level 40 Venomoth and a Level 38 Golbat. Hahahaha. Even MORE Alakazam sweeping. I was biking down a road while it was raining (The Bridge Bike Gang! After giving a package to the Nurse Joy in Route 19 I then found myself in the Houes of Imite. I remember this episode! "Your Pikachu looks exhausted! Maybe you should take it to the nearest Pokemon Center!" I don't get it! It's at full HP! Is this supposed to happen? I then found myself in the DIGITAL WORLD. It consisted of lights that were flashing red, yellow, blue, and green. Nothing much happened there except for a fight against a Level 40 Porygon. I then found myself in a forest with Pikachus and left my Pikachu behind. I went to the next route, and... it came back? Um... okay? By this point I noticed I was using Alakazam a lot. I'm sorry, but this Pokemon is really good and destroys Team Rocket's two poison types. Plus, Fire Red's main game has ZERO (that's right, ZERO) Dark types. Hahahaha. Serves you right for using Weezing and Arbok on the same team. Kas and Yas guys began arguing with each other after I helped out the guy of the resturnaut in DARK CITY. I met Doctor Protecter and he said there was something stuck in Pikachu's throat. Okay. Did this really happen? "Red received the Leppa Berry that Pikachu choked on!" I got a Pokedex Upgrade from Prof. Oak, and at this point in the game I have seen 150 and owned 28 of them. Then in "Princess vs Princess" I found my Alakazam up against a Level 38 Arbok, a Level 20 Meowth, a Level 35 Lickitung, and a Level 38 Weezing. Just like before: hahahaha. Easy peasy one two three! Then I took an exam and got EVERY question correct and won ALL THREE battles so I may enter the Pokemon League without any badges. However, I decided not to because I didn't care about it. Later on I was attacked by a WILD AERODACTYL at level 30. So I ran from it like a coward. By the way, Route 20 is the longest route in the game. An item named ???????? showed up in my inventory after I kicked Team Rockets *** again with my Alakazam. Blaine built a GYM that tourists never see. It's in the place where firefighters could never win. I was finally let in the private estate building for some reason after meeting Todd, the main character of Pokemon Snap. I found two caskets where James parents passed away then I then met a guy named Timmy who was attacked by a BEEDRILL (or the way he said it, BEEDWILL!). He was wescued by a Wild MEOWTH but it wan off before he could thank it. So a boulder fell on my head but a meowth saved me. I took it but the camera didn't center back to my player. I decided to invade the area where Blane was. He had a Level 42 Ninetales, a Level 40 Rhydon, and I think a Level 42 Magmar. Hahahaha. Alakazam helped me out a lot here. Then I ran into a Wartortle, but the game told me I had a Poke Flute when I clearly didn't. I played my non-existing Key Item to wake up all the Pokemon. Jigglypuff was caught in Blastoise's canon (CANNON)! The next thing I knew the game made me get ambushed by a Wild Blastoise. During the Rock Tunnel, my character froze in place after pickaxing a rock and I had to hit A. It happened again when I smashed down a second rock and I caused the "item get" sound to play as the battle screen began to appear. Even though I had aced the Pokemon Exam earlier in the game, I found out that OFFICER JENNY wouldn't have let me through to the route where the Pokemon League was because it was being prepared for something. You know what that means? The game lied to us, just like Applejack did when she was corrupted by Discord in "The Return of Harmony". Even worse, Gary Oak (who had done nothing useful at this point in the game) challenged the final gym in the game before I could. I flipped a table over in pure rage but I quickly calmed myself down and continued onwards. I found a Pikachu named Puka and I kept using me raft to the right. The current was too rough! Now I get to finally quote somebody for the first time since I got my very first berry of the game. "This is my cabin. How are you, kid? Are you hurt? My name's VICTOR. I saw you struggling in the harsh waves, so I rushed out on my surfboard to help you. But... thank my Pikachu, Puka. I've had Puka for almost 20 years now but I didn't catch it like you would a regular Pokemon. Puka came to me from the sea. I found it afloat on a piece of wood, and from that day on, Puka and I have never been apart. There's something special about Puka. It can feel the waves in its body. It can sense when a big wave is headed our way. Over the last 20 years we've surfed every big wave that's come our way. But we're waiting for the big wave - Humunga-Dunnba. It only comes once every twenty years. When I was a boy the best surfer I knew was jan. He managed to surf it and place his flag..." Eeeyup. It just goes on and on. He did succeed in placing his flag at the top of the mountain. Then I fought Raymond. He had a Level 40 Donphan, a Level 40 Venomoth, a Level 40 Golem, a Level 40 Pinsir, and a Level 40 Machamp. Afterwards I decided that this event would be the last one in the game before I stop playing. Now that I'm here, I got out my Charizard, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur. Three battles later... "You are about to meet my master! The time has come for your encounter with the greatest POKEMON MASTER on Earth." MEWTWO showed up and delived this massive badass speech: "Yes, the world's greatest POKEMON MASTER is also the most powerful POKEMON on earth. This is the ruler of new island and soon the whole world: MEWTWO! Be quiet. From now on I'm the one who makes the rules. I am the new ruler of this world, the master of humans and Pokemon alike. You humans are a dangerous species. You brought me into your world with no purpose but to be your slave. But now I have my own purpose: my storm will create my world by destroying yours. You nor your Pokemon will be spared. They have disgraced themselves by serving humans. Your Pokemon are nothing but slaves! Humans and Pokemon can never be friends. I can't be conqueered! My powers are too great! None of you can best me as a trainer!" Corey then said, "If you're a Pokemon there's no reason I can't captuer you! GO RHYHORN!" "Fools. Your Pokemon ATTACKS cannot weaken me! My powers are too great. No TRAINER can conquer me! So! You dare to challenge me to a match? VERY WELL! Like most POKEMON TRAINERS I began with CHARMANDER, SQUIRTLE, and BULBASAUR. But I used their genetic material to clone even more powerful copies of their evolved forms! Let me show you just how poewrful my clones are!" In fact, Mewtwo was the single most powerful Pokemon at the time because his base special was 154. And back then, Special worked as Special Attack and Special Defense, so Mewtwo was nigh impossible to take down with special attacks. His base 90 defense was no problem: all he had to do was rely on Barrier OR have his teammates take down all the physical attackers. Ammesia pumps his SPECIAL stat extremely high. That is why the Special stat split occured in GSC. Anyway, he had a Level 75 Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise. Alakazam wrecked his Venusaur and his Blastoise then Pikachu wrecked his Charizard because Steel Wing activated Static and he had no Full Restores or anything else. Hahahaha. After beating Mewtwo he said, "This is not possible!" and gave me $15,000. But then The Worst Possible Thing happened. "I will extract your Pokemon's DNA to make clones for myself. They will remain safe on this island with me while my storm destroys the planet! Do not attempt to defy me. This is my world now!" But I beat your clones! It looked similar to what happened on the final break of MLP:FiM's Season 3 Premire. "RUN PIKACHU!" "But Red-" "GO!" "But-" "GOOOOOOOOOO!" "PIKACHU was captured by the POKEBALL!" Mewtwo, you cheating bastard! I got my teammates back and used two of my Max Revives to bring my fainted teammates back. "You can't do this. I won't let you! It's not going to end like this, MEWTWO! We won't let it!" "What... what happened? I must have been under some sort of psychic control by Mewtwo. This is wrong! Pokemon are meant to fight each other like this! I wish there was something we could do. These Pokemon look like they're ready to fight to the DEATH!" Nurse Joy indeed had been under control by Mewtwo, and it actually released her when he tried to use Psycho Cut many years before the move even existed. Anyway, I made my player charge towards Mewtwo. "It is useless to challenge me!" He made me jump back two steps. This time he pushed me into Mew. "Can it be? Mew!" Mew's picture appeared on the screen, persumably adding it to my Pokedex. "So finally we meet! I may have been cloned from your DNA but now I'll prove that MEWTWO is better than the original, superior to MEW!" The two of them charged each other and I held my breath, then yelled "STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!" They then shot me with a freaking laser thing then I was completely turned to stone (just like a Cockatrice in NetHack). I was somehow turned back to normal by a wizard with the "Stone to Flesh" spell. "Fool! Trying to stop our battle. The human sacrificed himself to save the POKEMON. I pitted them against each other, but until they sit aside their differences did I see the true power they share deep inside. I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." He erased every single memory I had and I got to leave this wreched place at long last. Then I had nothing else to do. What a shame, too, because I was doing a wonderful job and it was AWESOME. I finished with Alakazam (52), Charizard (44), Squirtle (44), Pikachu (47), Bulbasaur (46), and Wigglytuff (44). In the National Pokedex, I had 190 seen out of a possible 386 and caught 33 of them. My final time was 31 hours and 14 minutes, and I had 7 badges with 314K worth of money. That's the closest I've come to getting all eight badges, but something always seems to go wrong.

Game Over :(

Here's my reaction to S3E3 of MLP:FiM called "Too Many Pinkie Pies". So going into it I knew that this was going to be a Pinkie Pie episode, and I knew that from this point onward the episodes don't have to follow any continuity... very similar to what the AVGN said about the original TMNT DVDs being chronologically out of order. When the cold opening started, we see an apple on a table. Then it begins growing as magical energy surrounds it but then stops and we see Spike and Twilight Sparkle. "Try again, Twilight! You can do it!" Very encouraging words. Instead of doing so, the purple unicorn wipes sweat from her forehead with her right front hoof. "This spell's a toughie! But I feel lucky this time! One, two..." Pinkie Pie flies right into Twilight out of pure randomness. She shoots a laser out of her horn just like in S2E26 that bounces around for a bit, then hits a blue jay and causes it to turn into a pile of feathers. Hahahaha. "Pinkie, why'd you do that?!" I couldn't make out what the pink earth pony was saying, but I swear she said something about "wrecking it". While she was sitting down she wrapped her hooves around each other, untangled them, and had a brief conversation with Twilight. "What'cha doing?" "Trying to turn that apple into an orange!" "But you kinda threw her aim off." The same blue jay flies past them and we can clearly see that it an orange for a face. Mwahahaha. "What a cute orange birdie! Gimme Twilight, gimme gimme!" Then she bumps into Rarity. She's wearing a black cloak and her hooves are pink instead of white. "Oooh, Rarity! Wanna see Twilight turn me into an orange? It's gonna be funnnnnnnnn!" During this line Pinkie Pie was jumping up and down in place. Rarity throws off the cloak, similar to Sapphire in the Pokemon R/S Manga when she changed into her jungle attire (a bra and skirt made out of leaves and nothing else). As she's doing this she's describing something about a sombra or whatever. Pinkie Pie gasps and says "This is terrible!". "Perhaps not. This isn't my finest..." "...I'm as dumb as on it?" Her right eye then pulsed at Rarity for a bit. "We weren't going to turn her into an orange, I swear!" In the meantime, Rainbow Dash is trying to dust off a cloud with her tail when Pinkie Pie suddenly shows up and says, "Hey Rainbow Dash, what are you doing?" "This punk cloud got so heavy it's making fog! Maybe I'll thin this bad boy out so it can float back up!" Pinkie spins around it and runs off like Sonic the Hedgehog would. "Thanks... Pinkie..." We then see Applejack moving a cart around with Applebloom and some applies inside. This makes Applebloom the first member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders to appear in this season... then again she's Applejack's sister. "Hey Applejack! Looks like fun! Can I join you?" She bounces into the seat and runs off. Fluttershy is seen having tea with Angel Bunny (her butler) when Pinkie Pie says, "Fluttershy... there... you... are... doing... anything... fun?" Wow. I didn't know even the most energetic pony of the Main 6 could get tired. Then Pinkie gets this huge grin on her face, just like my Pikachu when she gets up a Nasty Plot. "Not especially..." "Oh good... fun... is hard..." She balances herself on one hoof then falls to the ground exhausted so both Fluttershy and Angel look at her and the yellow Pegasus takes a glance at her. Then the screen fades out at one minute and fifty five seconds, and the title sequence fades in. After that was complete, we find Pinkie Pie sleeping on a sofa that looks like the same couch that Rarity fell on in S2E3 (Lesson Zero). This time around she's got her Pinkie-strength back. Pinkie Sense, Pinkie Promise, and now Pinkie Strength? Pinkie Pie has so many friends that it's hard to keep up with them all. Rainbow Dash and Applejack show up, and the cyan Pegasus says something about something planned this afternoon. "This is perfect! Everyone will now bring their fun to ME!" The cyan Pegasus is also going to catch some rays by the lake. Applejack says something about Apple Crisp, but Rainbow Dash says that's when she'll be at the swimming hole. I didn't know that the canon Ponyville had a swimming hole! I need to get this off my chest... it's even described in the fanfiction known as "Useless" that ponies weren't exactly built for swimming. Now Pinkie has to choose. "CHOOOOOOSE?" We're back to Twilight Sparkle and Spike still trying to cast the spell. Pinkie jumps on her, and this time the laser hits a frog and it turns into an orange too. "Pinkie?!" The pink earth pony comes to a screeching halt and drags herself into the ground. At least somepony wasn't pulling her down! "What in the wide wide world of Equestria are you doing now?" "Timing myself going back and forth between the swimming hole and Sweet Apple Acres... dive off the swing... barn racing..." Yep. Pinkie's going on a ramble again just like in the pilot episodes. Twilight actually laughs at this for a bit. "Oh Pinkie! The only way you're going to pull that off is if there's more of you to go around!" The pink earth pony's head behaves like an actual clock and then she says something about the Legend of something. Of course, Twilight has heard about many legends (hey, she IS Ponyville's local librarian!) but she doesn't know which one it is. We then see Pinkie Pie in the Evertree Forest, a mysterious place outside Ponyville that is first introduced in S1E2. "Seems like hardly anypony's been here in ages! I hope I'm remembering the rhymes right..." Yep. Evertree Forest hardly (if ever) appeared in Season 2 at all. Good to see it come back again after soooooo long, but then she falls down a hole and we see her reflection in front of a pool of water that she calls "The Miracle". She goes into the water and apparently she clones herself then talks to it. Oh and by the way, I can't tell the difference between the real Pinkie Pie and the cloned one. We see Rainbow Dash relaxing on a chair reading a Daring Do book. A closer look reveals she was reading "Daring Do and the Sapphire Stones", which she read earlier in S2E16 (Read It and Weep). She also has her shades on which she started wearing in a fan video called "Epic Cupcake Time". It even showed up in canon in "Lesson Zero", "May the Best Pet Win", and I think "The Mysterious Mare Do-Well". "Let's ROCK this, ponies!" Pinkie then jumps into the air, stops her fall, inflates a float, and continues descending into the water. "Coming in, Dashie? The water's nice..." Oh, yes. In the meantime Fluttershy's picking some berries for her animals (they better not be POISONED!), and the yellow Pegasus with pink hair says something about not having fun. All of her animal friends wanted a picnic... including the bear who she fought against in Lesson Zero! However, Pinkie Pie doesn't get too happy about something and she runs around the place. "Was it something I said?" "YES!" BREAK TIME! We're back in Rainbow Dash's point of view! Now we can see things like we're actually her for once! "Dupickets of you, huh? Yeah, sure Pinkie... I'm gearing up to catch some cheese, so..." Again, I couldn't understand what she was saying. "Gotcha." Another Pinkie Pie swings across into the water but stops her fall. Doesn't make sense! Oh wait this is a kids show! MY BAD! "How'd you do that?" "Trying to show consideration for my secret friend!" Later on she starts crying because she did not have any fun but the other Pinkie Pie starts comforting her. Okay now I'm getting confused. They then go back to the Evertree Forest and make two more Pinkie Pies. Then three more are made... we see a WHOLE gallery of Pinkie Pie clones. "What in the name of it! Knock it off!" I swear there are FOURTEEN Pinkie Pies right now. The real (?) one walks towards the camera and oh guess what? It's time for BREAKAMANIACS! Mwahahahahaha. I swear I've seen this before in a Treehouse of Horror episode. But I digress. Pinkie's leading her clones out of the forest. There's a Pop Quiz on the names she taught them. "Applejack!" "Fluttershy!" "Pinkie Pie!" "Excellent!" Rainbow Dash wakes up and finds out there are TONS of Pinkie Pies around her. Whoops! Too many Pinkies! She's outta here! In the meantime, Applejack's teaming up up BIG MACINTOSH and two other other ponies to put up a barn. "Fun fun fun fun fun!" The Pinkie clones then jumped around and destroyed the barn by jumping on Big Mac. "I wanna know right now where all these Pinkies came from..." Me too! They "aggro" AJ to the point where she throws her hat to the ground and says "Y'all come back and clean up, you hear?" In MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, aggro denotes the aggressive interests of a monster/NPC. "Oh no, what have I done, what have I done?" Later on, everypony is gathered around Twilight's library. "Calm down? I had a hurricane raging through my shop!" "And he trashed our critter picnic!" Spike finds something about the Legend of the Mirrored Pond. One of the Pinkie Pies comes over to Twilight's side and mimics her exact movements and speech. Hahahaha. I'd just draw my blade and yell "KOMBAT TIME!". Pinkie then says that they have the exact same hair, tail, and hooves (HOOFSHOT - waHAHA!). Then we get... a THIRD break time. "I'M GONNA BREAK IT!" Hahahaha. We're breaking it instead of wrecking it apart with a giant man who looks a human version of Donkey Kong. We're back one last time. Twilight tries to talk to one of the Pinkies to see if she's the real one but she says nothing useful. So we go into the Evertree Forest again and Twilight tells her friends about how Applejack's rounding up the Pinkies, and she and her family do so. Even Wiona helps out! Twilight tells the Pinkies to sit down three times, and due to the rule of three the last one is the loudest. "Sit... DOWN!" At least Twilight didn't even talk in THE ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE. "You've been brought here to take a test! It's a simple test and whoever passes get to stay! The test... will be watching paint dry!" "On your mark, get set... GO!" Watching paint dry? A quick search on The Free Dictionary (which has served nearly 4.443 billion visitors at the time of this reaction) revealed that if you say that watching an activity is like watching paint dry, you mean that it is very boring. I never fought MLP:FiM would EVER resort to this idiom but they just did. DOH. Spike gets out a bag of popcorn out of nowhere... the last time we saw him wih some was in "Over a Barrel." "Oh hey, look at the birdie!" Twilight then casts a spell that inflates a Pinkie and sends it back to the mirrored pond. How did she quickly memorize that spell? Oh wait, she's Equestria's greatest mage. "Watch me bounce and touch the ceiling!" "Is that... is that a frog?" "Cool! "Where?" "Look what I can do with my hoofs!" "Betcha can't make your hair look like... THAT!" For a brief second we get to see Pinkie Pie in a G1 appearance before both are teleported back. Twilight then starts spamming the spell in a time lapse sequence. Then there were two Pinkie Pies left, and Rainbow Dash makes one of them fall for a trick. Hahahaha. "You can look away now!" "I had to. I just had to. I couldn't leave my friends. I just couldn't! ... But I guess I sometime have to choose them!" We get the first friendship report of the third season, and it's done. Overall, this episode pulled out all the stops and was WAY better than "A Friend in Deed" mostly because all six of the main ponies AND Spike appeared. We even got to see Twilight use TWO new spells: turning an apple into an orange, and banishing a Pinkie Pie clone to the Mirrored Pond. Being the Element of Magic must be very special indeed. Also at some point I swear I heard a sound that was used in the Chex Quest trilogy (part of the "flemoid disappearing" sound). I hope the rest of Season 3 can compare to this! By the way, the "Pinkie Clones" were inspired by the first part of "Treehouse of Horror XIII" in which Homer Simpson sits on a strange hammock that spins around and clones himself. Phew. See you later!
Here we go with my second hack gamelog!

UPDATE ON 11/14/2015: I honestly did not expect this to become so popular.
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